Friday, July 24, 2009

Sean's Post-Bday Happening Extravaganza Post

Hewwo Friends,

I would like to share with you loyal readers the events of my birthday that I will not soon be forgetting. Discussion of the weather, sweet treats and ending celebration festivities are to follow in the next paragraphs.

As we all know it rained for an extended amount of time during the morning to the evening. This is no surprise. Around this time of year rainfall always creeps up to the 23rd and proceeds it as well. This is unlike the months of May and June where rain was showering us everyday in the life of Seattle residents, this was very peculiar for NJ. In return, it was a nice cooled off day full of god's tears, but this would not put a "damp"er on the day for me. Also, I had the day off from work! Time to take advantage to the fullest!

With a quick errand of scheduling classes for the fall I found out some good news. The rain can't stop me from excelling in my studies. Good news is:
1. I will be gaining my associates degree from community college in the spring
2. I have health insurance from being a full time student (a thought of not having insurance was a looming problem but now is solved)

Then a trip to two places I frequent with my brother: Taco Bell and The Record Store in Howell. Taco Bell isn't the healthiest but it was my birthday SO BACK OFF MAN!

We all know that calories do not effect you on your birthday. Doctors do not know what they are talking about, those fools of medical science.

Then, the local record/comic store was in order for brotherly bonding with the two of us purchasing Paulson cds, Zombie comics, and used Horror DVDs.

The next stop was a very low key sit down with the family for a cake consumption portion of the early evening. It was my form of pre-gaming for the next stops on my magical tour of events to follow.

Now, off to a company party that was a themed Christmas In July/Halloween party. Costumes were greatly appreciated.In other words this meant: you were forced to wear one. I had to think of something very low maintenance for the fact of being lazy and not feeling like spending any money on anything at all for this. So a piece of black construction paper and tape were used, some Aviator glasses, a Hooded Sweatshirt and a freshly received shipment box made my costume.

The return address on the box was changed to this:
U. NaBomber
1 Shack Pl.
Notsohidden, NJ OU812

Just for the slow kids reading, my costume was the Unabomber.

You would be surprised of the young bucks I work with who really didn't know who the Unabomber was/is.

Then it was off to my plans for the night. A planned gathering of my friends at the 5 star Zagat rated Regent Diner on Rt. 9 in Howell/Lakewood border. We all ate a fantastic meal with a tall vanilla ice cream sundae being presented before me with 2 candles cascading from the sides of the delicious treat. Our table of about 15+ people singing happy birthday was a sight to see. The 15+ number does not include the rest of the customers at their tables in the same room as us. It was a nice way to say hello to being 23 and one more year closer to death.

Then it was the build up of the final hallmark of the evening. My good friend Kristian was saying during our Diner experience that he was going to do something for the entire group on this monumental occassion.

The Gallon Challenge.

Yes, you read that correctly. Your eyes are not deceiving you at all, I promise you.

All of us ended up going to a Pizza Hut parking lot where we watched Kristian try to drink a whole gallon of milk in One Hour. I will tell you that boy was starting out strong for about 6 minutes until the white milk and Diner food were spewing out from his stomach. We were all laughing like little school children while our friend was puking out pints of milk at once all over the pavement in this parking lot. I gagged a bunch of times from the constant coughing dry heeving sounds blasting from Kristian's body mouth. We all stood around just watching the shifting shoulder movements, coughing, and milk splashing all over the place.

Some of the best quotes from this experience:
"Smell my breath."
"Hey, get over here and kiss me."
"Is that a tooth?"

All in all it was a very enjoyable day that I am glad I have had the pleasure of sharing with you. So if anyone is looking for a Birthday planner just let me bring some of my friends and we'll figure out the rest so you will never forget the anniversary of you being introduced into this world.

To sum up everything I will quote the singer Sweet Pete from the Boston Straight Edge band, In My Eyes.

"We look back on these days as the best times of our lives".

A great time was had on this day that I had the pleasure of sharing with everyone around me. I appreciate all of the birthday wishes and the singing of Happy Birthday in a NJ Diner with good people. Even though there were a portion of older folk I never met before in my life until that moment. Till next year, Mr. Birthday, till next year!


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  1. This male post has sex with other male posts in their butts. Sean you've failed. [(Side note: I also had fun that night) {Further side note: the captcha for this comment is "toeship" which only makes me think of Keith's earlier post oh so subtly declaring his love of Megan Fox and her HIDEOUS toe-thumbs}]