Sunday, July 12, 2009

Lizzie's Hardcore Moment of the Week: Woman Gets Capped in Bathroom Stall

So imagine you're sitting in a bathroom stall just minding your own "business", when suddenly BAM!Somebody's putting holes in your ankles! Sounds more like an episode of The Sopranos or The Great American Road Trip than something that could happen in real life...right?


This hardcore moment of the week goes out to our poor lavatory victim, 53 year old Janifer Bliss of Tampa, FL. Apparently, while Janifer was using the facilities of her hotel, a 56 year old woman in the next stall accidentally dropped her gun, causing it to shoot poor Jan Jan in the lower left leg.

Now apparently the woman has a concealed weapon's permit, so she had every right to carry a gun....but come on! A 56 year old woman carrying a gun around in Tampa!? What does she use it for? Fighting off tourists who ask how far it is to Disney World!? Threatening kids who just want a lift to the Nickelodeon Studios!? What could she possibly need a gun for??? And WHAT was she doing in that stall to make her drop her gun in the first place!!??? That I don't even want to attempt to imagine!

So this is a lesson to all you people out there packing heat: the next time you have to take a leak while you've got your trusty shooter in your pocket, please for everyone's sake...keep it in your pants.

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