Sunday, July 12, 2009

Keith's Top Seven of the Week "The United States of Acronyms" (the only place lazier then the actual USA)

With the advent of twitter and other social networking sites the need to C.I (convey information) A.F.A.P (as fast as possible) is leading people to develop many new creative acronyms for E.D.U(every day use). Acronyms save us L.o.T (lots of time) and can be a hell of a good time D.N.O (developing new ones) with your friends. S.I.Y.E.M.B.P.T.W.P.C.S.W (So I hope you enjoy my blog post this week and please come to the show on Wednesday)

7)C.D.C (Center for Diseased Chicks)
This wonderful acronym was develop late one night at a bar with all the male members of H.D.O. Jay drank a lot and was hitting on a "choice" female when Sean leaned in to the group and said "Wow I hope someone calls the Center for Diseased Chicks to quarantine her before she blights Jay's wenis."

6)C.O.C.K.S.L.A.P (Christ's Order of Continued Kinetic Support Love And Peace)
A new group that has formed in my mother's church. There aren't many members right now but once you get C.O.C.K.S.L.A.Ped your life changes.

5)TFTS (Thanks For The Snack)
Seriously, Thank you for the snack.

4)AAAAA (American Association Against Acronym Abuse)
An association quickly developed after people started hating the word SCUBA. This group has fallen out of the public light because of some disparaging remarks but a new group stands ready to take it places as the number one group of acronym watch dogs, AAAAAAAAA (All American Association Against Acronym and Abbreviation Abuse Anonymous)

3)HDOMG (Helicopter Dance Off My God)
I often hear this whispered under the breath of our audience after a scene where we do something shocking like a racist grandmother or pyro-camp counselor.

2)ATL4LC (Asian Tranny Looking for Long C*@#)
Unfortunately, I thought this acronym was A Teenager Looking for A Leather Couch so when I replied to the add on craigslist I was shocked by the email and pictures I got.

1)MLBASSSTBS (Major League Baseball's All-Star Selection Show on TBS)
One Sunday Billy and I were watching TV and this acronyms scrolled across the bottom of the screen. This is one is real.

If you liked this week's blog check back next week when I discuss the top seven women that I want to stalk me.

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