Saturday, July 18, 2009

Lizzie's Hardcore Moment of the Week: Saudi Family Takes Genie to Court

Who doesn't want a genie?! I mean come on, we all grew up on Disney's Aladdin! Having a genie is like all you could ever wish three more wishes! And then you get a sweet ass lamp along with it! yep, genies sound pretty awesome to the imagination....but in the real world, a genie can be a real dick!

Case in point: this week, a family in Saudi Arabia collectively decided to sue a genie who was haunting their home. They are charging this demonic lamp dweller with theft and harassment. According to the family, this genie would throw rocks at the children(he thought they were Abu the monkey), steal their cell phones (to call his other magical buddies like the Dumbledore and Neil Patrick Harris), and worst of all...he would leave the family threatening voicemails! Can you imagine what those voicemails would say?! I can!

:BEEP: Yeah hi Steph it's the genie...uhhh how's it goin? Ummm so I'm sorry about taking your cell phone the other day, I just really needed to make a call and you know I don't have a phone in my lamp cause it won't fit haha...(long pause)....I swear I wasn't checking your phone for calls from Kevin, cause I totally know that's over....Seriously I'm not jealous....(long pause)....Listin, if you don't stop flirting with that rug vendor, I swear I'm not granting you your last wish of owning the movie Bride and Predjudice! Yeah, think about that! And you better f**king free me soon or else so help me Allah I...:BEEP:

The head of the Shariah court is currently having some trouble with this case because they first need to find out if there is any valitity at all to the charges...or if the entire family is just comepletely insane.

So if you currently own a genie, be on the lookout for strange behavior. And never let him turn your monkey into an elephant....that shit just aint cool for the monkey.

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