Saturday, July 4, 2009

Jay's Sonic Review

Sonic commercials have always left me craving some awesome Drive-In food. Unfortunately, in my 23 years of existence America's Drive-In and I have never crossed paths... until the day of our nations birth.
The Fourth of July never fails to be a day of historic importance. This year I have added to the historical relevance of this holiday. The 4th now not only marks the day when our country declared independence but it also marks the day I discovered Sonic tastes like garbage.
I have never eaten garbage.

Jay Out.


  1. UPDATE: The opinions of some HDO members do not necessarily match with the opinions of others when it comes to the glory of Sonic.

    I love you, Sonic. Please send free food.

  2. Dear Jay,

    Way to lose our Sonic's endorsement. Who is going to pay for our trip to Cancun now ?