Monday, July 27, 2009

Ryan and the Best Prank He's never Pulled

I was filled with envy this past weekend when I heard that a friend of mine once pulled the greatest prank...well, ever.

this friend, we'll call...Lizzie...was walking along the streets of brick, NJ years ago. it was a summer not unlike this one - hot and muggy, and Lizzie was enjoying a nighttime walk with some pals. Then - NATURE CALLED.

Rather than hold it, Lizzie found a white truck that just so happened to be unlocked. Lizzie went in through the driver's seat door - sat down - and plopped that brown baby onto the seat. Lizzie exited the car.

Lizzie's friend, we'll call Michelle also felt the call of nature. She hopped into the passenger seat - and dropped a deuce that would make the gods shutter.

luckily for them, there was a roll of paper towels in the back seat. Unluckily for the owenr of that truck, not only was his car broken into - there were two massive shits waiting for him on either seat. And, oh yea, shitty paper towels everywhere.

I will now spend the rest of the week attempting to "one-up" that prank. So if ay of you find droppings on your car door handles, please know it was out of love.

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