Thursday, July 2, 2009

Sean's Doppelganger THURSDAY.

Ever since Lizzie made a comment in the "A Day In The Life" game in last night's show about how my over-aggressive Bouncer character should carry her out of the bar via piggyback ride "like a panda", it got me thinking. What would I look like in Panda form? The answer....

I've found my doppelganger in a teeny Styan red panda cub. This impostor, in panda form, goes by the name: Sha-Lei. Obviously this is the micro manifestation that is trying to look just like animal form. You know the sky is the limit, anything can do what they want and present themselves in any way possible. I cannot get mad over this, actually I'm flattered.

Here's some backstory on this creature of attention. Sha-Lei was born on June 13 at the Valley Zoo in Edmonton, Canada. Interesting fact, "She is being hand-raised by Valley Zoo Animal Health Technologist Sandy Heiliker, rather than stay with her mother.This is because her mother attempted to aggressively groom her soon after her birth. Sha-lei had to be removed for her own safety."

This is insane! That happened to me when I was 168 grams, like Sha-Lei. I have not only found my impostor, I mean my doppelganger, but I have found my reincarnated self while I'm still alive! Usually you have to DIE for this to happen!!!! DIE!!! D-I-E !!!!!

The word "Incredible" does not even fully describe this. If I was on 34th St, the word "Miracle" would only be fitting. This is a MIRACLE if I ever saw one.

You are most likely not wondering why Sha-Lei is considered a Red Panda when that full coat is gray? Answer: It is a temporary condition and Sha-Lei will turn red by the end of the summer.

I usually turn red at the beginning of the summer. Figure that out!

The one thing Sha-Lei and I do not have in common is that I'm not in a fully functioning zoo for paying customers to gawk at.....wait, that's a lie. I work at Six Flags, silly me. Tisk Tisk.

Sha-Lei and I not only look like one another but we are part of the retail environment too!

That lil' bugger of sunshine has a place in my heart always.

Signing off,
Sean Daniel Favre & Sha-Lei the Styan red panda cub.

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