Friday, July 17, 2009

Sean Points Out Famous Beards Thursday

Beards have been just as much a part of history as the history of history itself. Many different thoughts pop up in our thinkers (minds) on what we associate with beards. Masculinity, ruggedness, Brawny paper towels, flannel, and the list could go on forever.

Here is a quick collection on some famous beards throughout or human existence on this big marble we call earth.

The man above, no I'm not talking about God but I can't find a realistic picture of him so he will be excluded for this post, no offense big man, we have Abraham Lincoln. Not only did he free the slaves but he freed his razor from cutting off that amazing chin grazing muff patch. What a man, god damn!

Poseidon- need I say more. The god of the sea. This picture was taken on his 36th birthday.

Jesus- nothing but a troublemaker. Being all christ like...christ!
We've got the few followers on the Jesus look throughout our time. Entertainment stars are always great at going for the look of the season, Jesus. It can be an all year thing or just a quick hibernating winter month fashion statement. Maybe it could be looked down as just being lazy. Which is mostly the case with the youngin's and not so youngin's.

From John Lennon to this crazy grizzly bear, Joaquin Phoenix, the beard is a memorable statement in "just letting yourself go". Also, it's great to hide that underchin flub to thin out your chubby face.

I know there are two pictures of Joaquin Phoenix, but there was a need to drive the "just letting yourself go" point home again. The caption of this 2nd photo should say, "Never try this at home".

This is just a gimme! ZZTop is the meaning of Beard. There drummer even has the last name of Beard. C'mon!!! Don't deny how great it is...don't.

Another way to have a burned image into the mind of the world is to hide in a hole after your dictatorship crumbles and you've got nowhere else to go. Word on the street is that the Saddam Hussein was always trying to go "beard" but his 100's of lookalikes couldn't grow this damn fine clutter of whiskers like my man Da' Hussein.

Last but not least, here is my glorious beard circa 2007 in Washington DC with Meghan. Since she's a woman she did her best to join in on the beard festivities of this photo by putting her scarf on her chin and on the sides of her cheeks, not for warmth, but to pay homage to Abraham Lincoln. If you look closely you can see the Lincoln Memorial off in the distance.

So there we are. Famous beards of history as seen through the eyes of yours truly. I hope it was an enjoyable journey. Now look up some famous beards of your own. Google images is the mecca for your searching and findings. I highly recommend it.

Now go think about beards 'cuz they will grow on you...they physically will grow on you if you are a true man. If not, grow some manhood you bunch of boys! Girls are excluded from this part of the message. We all know the ladies can't do a man's job of growing beards.


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