Monday, July 20, 2009

Ryan and The Meat Trick

I've done a few stupid things while intoxicated, such as...offended Mr. Belding when he came to visit our college. I even vandalized school property while dressed in santa clothes, and hung out with Hurricane Katrina victims for fun.

However, last night I attempted a drunken trick that...didn't go over so well. After a few hours of playing card games and catch phrase, I decided to call it quits and head to be with the old ball and chain. While in the bathroom, I began to wrap my member in roast beef (leftover from my brother's after-wedding day brunch). So, the old bf walked in and saw that I had created something very special. ( was still fully dressed)

He was also drunk.

He also didn't know that my member was actually INSIDE the roast beef. he just thought...I have no idea what he thought.

So....lets just say that he got a mouthful and if he even dies in a fire, they can compare dental records on my shwang.

awesome. hope i start a trend!

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