Sunday, August 30, 2009

Keith's Top Seven of the Week "Seven Songs to Different Events or Activities in your life (It's basically the Garden State Soundtrack)

Music is everywhere, in the car, the shopping malls and at parties. It defines lives. We have special songs that get us through good times and shitty times. I have always been enamored with setting the right tone with just the right song. So this week I have compiled a minor list for times in my life I need songs to be played for me.

7) "Summertime" by Will Smith and DJ Jazzy Jef
A perfect tune to be played mid-May when the weather is really nice and you can roll your windows down. It's the perfect summer song for cruising Ocean Avenue look for a tasty hot dog or a minor.

6) "American Woman" by The Guess Who
This song sets the mood perfectly for any party that you are at and everyone has had a few too many adult drinks. Walking through a party in the full swing with everyone going crazy with this song playing in the background makes you feel like a rock god from the seventies. If you don't go to parties like this then just higher a couple of strippers to follow you around, it gives off the same effect.

5) "There She Goes" by Six Pence None the Richer.
A great song feels fresh and versatile every time you hear and this song can be used in a wide variety of situations. I like to imagine the song coming on after I accidentally trip a co-worker, a girl farts or I crash through a ceiling and fall on to a couple in the middle coupling. The song is to be played directly after you make eye contact with the imaginary audience and wink.

4)"The Sound of Silence" by Simon and Garfunkel
This song is stolen directly from the scene in the classic movie "The Graduate" where Dustin Hoffman's character is drifting in the pool and I want this song to be played whenever I submerge my head in anything liquid (pool, bathtub or kiddy pool full of jello and strippers)

3) "Hey Ya" (Cover) by Obadiah Parker
If my life was to become a movie this song would be featured in the opening shot where the audience first meets me as a character and watches me start my day in a breakfast/showering/walking to work in the city montage . May also be used for "just after breakup with significant other montage" or "death of pet."

2) "Crazy Train" by Black Sabbath (muzak version)
Randy Rhoads, rest in peace man ! He was able to transcend time,space and muzak with his guitar riffs in Crazy Train. This muzak version is one of the best songs to do your food shopping to, check it out.

1) "Jurassic Park Theme" by John Williams
This song should be used after any sexual encounter, solo or with partners. This song really sets a tender mood that can not be matched.

Seriously, come back next week when give you the top seven reasons why you should wear a Snuggy all year long.

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