Thursday, August 27, 2009

Sean's Baby Arms Thursday

Keith, Ryan and I had started to riff on a little melody about having baby arms while soaking in the hour long train rides to New York together. To give a quick example, we would pick out everyday activities that were amplified with the use of baby arms. Also, the melody was influenced from those Crossfire game commercials in the 90's. You know the ones with the line, "Crossfire! Don't get caught in the Crossfire!" So try to sing that style melody with these few examples below.

Trying to scratch my back with my baby arms!

Tying my converse sneakers with my baby arms!

Eating delicious crumb cake with my baby arms!

I think you get the idea. Now, we will see what else baby arms can be used to describe besides amazing melody lines, oh and actual babies with baby arms.

One of HDO's favorite interweb sites is a fantastic one called: What? You've heard of it? You love it just as much as HDO? I don't think so! But, I'm glad you know about it and enjoy it just as much as we do!

So here are two definitions for baby arms according to

1. Baby Arms
a bag, a pile or a line of cocaine. Also known simply as arms.
Can be procured from an arms dealer.

"Excuse me do you know where I can find any baby arms?"
"Baby arms, you know, they are short and fat and white."
"I know you are in that bathroom stall doing arms, let me in before I turn the light out."

2. Baby Arms
Central North Carolina dish consisting of:
-2lbs of chicken breast (do NOT cut the fat off). poached then sauteed
-2 bars of cream cheese.
-1/3 cup franks hot sauce
-1/3 cup chunky bluecheese
served over tortilla chips

Named for the appearance as the chicken is cut up during sauteing.

"Ted, come in here and get yourself a plate of baby arms."

So there you have it. Baby arms can be used to describe everyday activities, drug use, and food use. If you ever want a dose of that melody with different examples just see Keith, Ryan, and I and Lizzie at our next show for a lil taste of baby arm delight to your ears.

Yours Truly,

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