Saturday, August 15, 2009

Lizzie Loves Old English!

Now I'm not talking about the kind of old english you find in a liquor store (although I do love that as well). No, I am talking about that ye ole english spoken by the one and only Mr. William Shakespeare.

I am quite the fan of Shakespeare. I love to read it, perform it, and even throw some references about it in our shows now and again! But nothing compares to what I was able to experience on Friday. For what I witnessed on stage was the Improvised Shakespeare Company!

These dudes put improv on a whole other level. I caught their show in NYC at the Upright Citizens Brigade's Del Close Marathon. All these five guys dressed in Elizabethan garb do is get a suggestion for a play title. Then they proceed to put on a one act play with all the classic styles of Shakespeare, complete with scorned lovers, an evil duke, sword fights, musicians, and lots of blood!

Based out of Chicago's IO Theatre (Improv Olympics), the Improvised Shakespeare Company performs every Friday. Here is a clip from their performance at last year's Del Close Marathon!

P.S.- Sean, Jay, and I have a huge crush on Blaine (the dude in the pony tail!)

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