Sunday, August 23, 2009

Keith's Top Seven of the Week "Found Pictures on the Internet" (My comedy does not discriminate against the illiterate just the elderly)

Hey, my blog is exactly one week late. I apologize and with it comes a visual feast for your eyes.
PS I put up one for last week so run and check that out, it explains everything.

7) Careful little boy...

6) I told you health care reform was a bad idea !!! (OMG topical)

5)I found this picture on Ryan's computer...

4) OMG, I told you creationism was right !!!

3) This is what Billy does on the weekend.

2) A picture from my christmas list this year.

1) A picture from my dreams.

Check back next week for a complete run down on the 7 reasons why pudding trumps jello.

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