Friday, August 7, 2009

Sean's Stranded Island Fantasy Thursday

Here is the 2nd chapter of my stranded island fantasy novel, Sand & Hardships. This will be written in first person and as a lonely romance novel.

Chapter 2: Bed Memories

I wake up on the beach sprawled out spread eagle style. The waves are slowly smashing on the sand near my feet making the rags of clothing, that are barely clinging to me, rustle in the breeze. The sun is almost up which can only mean the start of a new day. I can't get the horrors of the shipwreck, with all my Navy buddies that happened a week ago, out of my mind. I keep picturing Enrique's face over and over again.

The first thing I do before I get up to wander the island is masturbate. My toes ruffle in the sand as I think of past loves and other dirty things beside the sand. I feel the warm sun coating my football pigskin tan. My crotch pirate is like a rotisserie chicken marinating in its own juices of love. When I ejaculate it's like a thousand cupcakes exploding onto the sand beside me. My heart palpitates to the rhythm of ecstasy flowing from my hind quarters. Reminds me of Enrique's quarters on the ship. Blast it! If there was only something I could have done to prevent the fate of our rock hard crew! If only!

I brush some sand over my seeds and stand up with my knees shaking from inactivity and stiffness. It's time to collect necessities. I have to get a better plan. I have already spelled the word, "Fuck Nasty" on the beach without seeing any results. What I can start building is a shelter. To be protected from any future elements of danger that will lurk around the corner of vegetation. I must not forget about the rains that could come any day. The beachfront has been an open safe haven, but it can't be used forever. It's time to move and scope out more. I'll look for jollies to make the day pass bringing me closer to sexy old age and rescue.

I could use a coconut to get my nut off in again. Carpe Diem!

Preview of Chapter 3: Scraping Up What I Can Get
"I can't remember the last time I felt the touch of someone else on my tender non-virgin like skin. I must fight these feelings, I'm lonely, I want to feel the hot red fire on my arse after a good forceful spanking. I must find some kind of food so I can get my rocks off before the sun gets too hot to be out in."

So there it is Chapter 2 and a preview of Chapter 3 for your eyes only. Let me know of any publishers that would remotely think of "putting out" this masterpiece of mine. I know it's gold you don't have to tell me twice...I KNOW!

Till next week you bottles of sunshine. I'll be waiting.


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