Thursday, August 13, 2009

Sean's Sitcom Plan Thursday

My sitcom would consist of many things that we experience in our day. Here is an overview, or outline for you technical word processing college students, of my sitcom.

List of Characters:
Main Family:
Father: Town Drunk
Mother: Died from Tuberculosis
Brother: Football Star
Sister: Drunk Town Slut

Father: Pastor
Mother: Ritzy
Brother: Died from Heart Condition
Adopted Brother: From Venezuela who speaks one word of English; "Coffee"
Older Sister: Cheerleader
Younger Sister: Town Drug Dealer

Filler Characters:
Liquor Store Owner
Church Lady #3
Football Coach
Overachieving English Teacher
Psychiatrist/Motivational Speaker

Suburban town in NJ

Episode Titles:
The Power of Christ Lapels You
World War Three?
Starbucks, Oh Schucks
Don't Talk About Your Mother Like That!
I Sing The Body Electric
She's Not Coming Back
Shattered Realms Bring May Flowers

$500,000 of company money
$12 of my own

I know it's a quick list but it's only up from here to fill in all the details. I would say this sitcom would run for 10 seasons like Friends. I say this because no one watched or liked watching Friends.


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