Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Billy Doesn't Mind The Cliches

Ever been to a karaoke bar? Or done karaoke? Sure you have, what are you, a communist? Every time I go to a place where I'm drunk enough(or sober and happy enough) to get in front of people an sing, I always put far too much thought into my song selection. There is a part of me that wants to play something that no one has ever heard before. I want to blow them away with originality and have them stunned. There's a problem with that logic though. If I stun them and they're speechless, that means they could all hear my off-key "singing" even better, and may become more prone to bail on the bar and find a street corner to sing on and maybe make some money off of it.

That being said, there's some pressure to bust out a classic to get the crowd into it, but I think you really only get half the crowd actually into it. If people are drunk enough, any of the essentials sound terrific, and you get that initial recognition of the song: "OHHHHHHHHHH SHIT!!!" followed by full volume drunk blasting to start, and ending with a weak rendition of the final chorus as you grasp for breath. Knowing that you only have a short time to bring the crowd to its feet, you need to get them together and go with the classics, despite the moans.

Honestly, I know it's been played to absolute death. I truely get that, and I know it's gone from corny song, into ironically popular back to corny and uncool but I truely do not care: "Don't Stop Believing" is probably the greatest karaoke song of all time. It's a fact. The song will have its haters, the song will have its detractors, the song will have the people that are "too cool" and don't join in because they've heard the song too many times. That's fine, I hope they enjoy their time on their soapbox of lameness. Yeah, I went there. If you don't hear Don't Stop Believing and immediately get on your feet and belt out the words, you're a Nazi. That's just how it is. And if you are, I know some guys in the killing nazi business, and business is a boomin.

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