Sunday, May 24, 2009

Top Seven of the Week "Helicopter Dance Off starts a Metal Band" (because we needed another creative outlet)

I am writing my blog this week on top of a mountain of skulls, sitting in my throne made of children's souls and ravens. This much needed change in scenery was to get the ideas flowing for the new band that Lizzie and I started this week. See, the two of us have a love for all music that sounds like Hell on a summer day. So We got together in my garage with our instruments,Lizzie on the pipe organ and I played the electric harp (with lots of distortion). We rocked out and wrote some songs but we were having lots of trouble coming up with a kick ass band name that the we BOTH agreed on. After fourteen hours of yelling, screaming, crying, drinking and some light moshing, we have opened the flood gates for the fans to cast their votes. Think of it like American Idol but Jay is Simon and Ryan is Paula. Before we get start with this weeks list I just wanted to give honorable mention to some of the other band names like "The Pope's Corpse", "Hell's Anus", "Cry me a river of blood", "The Beelzebub's" and "Fetus Sandwiches".

7) Lonesome Goat Baby
Goats have long been associated with the occult, Lizzie is an expert on the occult and I was abandon as a child so we thought we would go with something we could relate to.

6) Sagittarius Revenge
Everyone thought horoscopes were fake but they aren't... they have come back to ruin your life based on when you were born. Our first album would be called "Year of the Cock."

5) All Good Dogs Go to Hell
We mainly wanted to name the band this because once we got famous it would be a gigantic problem to all parents to explain to their children why good dogs would go to hell. Your childhood has just been taken advantage of for our own deviant necessities.

4)The Ford Minotaurs
Mythical beasts and modern auto design were the two points of inspiration on this band name. The tag line would be "Our music is brutal and it comfortably seats a family of five."

3)Syringe full of oxygen
Every song would start with the sound of an embolism popping in someone's brain.

2) Mantera
Ryan came up with this one. He combined his two favorite things in the world Men and Pantera. Lizzie thought it was too gay.

1) Birds of Pray
This last one was thought up while we were toying around with the idea of become a Christian Death Metal Band. Nothing is more metal then Jesus, nothing.

There are all of the options. You can text HDO*324 now with your voter submission and we will announce the winner at our first concert. Until then keep on rocking and remember you will become a better guitarist if you sacrifice a goat on your amp.

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