Saturday, May 9, 2009

Jay's Overly Fun Friday

Sup Dickbags,

It's Jay commng at you live form thr intranet. Yes, Ive a few to many inside me and i neek to speak to you all aout it. I see my erros in this message but to prove my point, i will not press the backspae.

I wnat out tonight with my high school frisnds. What a get time it was. We went to the village'ish wrea . The place we wound up was fiddlsticks. It sucked.

Next we went to look for another place to go. I left the bar saying quote "where the sluts at" only to find some slut hearing me say that . She replied with "not by you douche bag". The girl was with some dude who im sure was going to obliterate her moments in the future. Prematiral sex...what a slut. and wouldnt you know it...she was by me.

Then we were wondering the streets anc came arcoss a cookie store called insomnia cookie. Possibly the best 2 dollars i ever spent. I got the chocolate chuck and an m&m. Hosy sick dick! it was amazing.

After the sleep apnea cookie place, we proceeded to look for a bar. We heard music from wat appeared to be a hole in the ground. me and my friend wantered down the whole only to discover it was a secret club. unfortunatly our friends werent brave enough to walk down the stari case so they couldnt get in.

After that i pissed in a subway station and blogged. Fun? Yup!

Suck me,


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