Thursday, May 28, 2009

Sean's Sharing Thursday

Some news for your noggin's!

Ever think you would live to see the day to see pig's fly? How about cats? That day may be coming soon.

No, I'm not talking about the Obama joke where the day the USA will have a black president is when pigs fly...then in Obama's first 100 days of office we have swine flu. Think about it you thinkers.

In China (surprising huh?) there is said to be a cat that has grown wings! After the lil bitty kitty turned a year old the owners started to notice wing like appendages growing. There is speculation that there is a Siamese cat growing inside this cat. Also, there are thoughts that this cat's momma ingested chemicals during pregnancy.

Either way this cat is the talk of the town. Maybe for potential spiritual groups too. They feed off of this freak of nature stuff. Jesus Camp is all I have to say.

I hope this kitty cat figures out how to fly soon. That asian youth in the background of the picture will probably make a nice spicy chicken dish out of our winged feline freakshow. Again, think about it you thinkers.

I love you,

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