Sunday, May 10, 2009

Lizzie's Bklyn Bonanza

Hello love muffins!
Soooo, I also had quite the Friday night in the city. I went to Bklyn to visit my friend Sarah for her 21st bday. She lives in a Loftstel (aka super hipster hostel) and when I first got there I was greeted by her bf. The funny thing is that he had no idea who I was (we took astronomy together in high school and he would make me feel lame cause I did my homework). But whatevs no biggy. Anyways...when I see Sarah she greets me in a hot pink 80's prom dress and proceeds to tell me that we are going to this trendy place in the west village. I was a little worried that I wouldn't be super cool enough, but totally lucked out by bringing my members only jacket (complete with HDO pins on it) and white leather skirt with me. Who knew that dressing like a Poison video would make you cool! But the coolest part was that Sarah had to make a VIP list and I was the first one on it! I had a total Night at the Roxbury moment when I saw that.

Anyhoo...we all cram into these vans that we called to take us to the bar. Being slightly tipsy at this point I didn't fully comprihend that all the vans were racing!!! Meanwhile, I'm in the back flopping around without a seatbelt. Ahhh the safety of NYC transportation. When we get to the bar, it's this teeny tiny dark little club. The weirdest thing about it was that it had glass cases all around with jars of human organs and goldfish in them! Nothing sets the mood for partying like Frankenstein's laboratory. Before I know it, the whole group of us is out of that bar and heading to the next one (don't ask me this point I was in no condition to read street signs). That bar was a total blur, but what I do remember is coming outside only to be met by a sunami! Eventually a few of us found a cab and got back to Bklyn. By this time, it was 5:30 in the morning and the sun was coming up. I knew I had to be back in NJ by the afternoon so I decided there was no point in sleeping so I should just take the subway back to the train station. I'm still baffled that I'm still alive and have all my belongings cause I can't even count how many places I fell asleep (subway station, L train, G train, A train, Penn Station, etc). I was the epitomy of drunk girl you laugh at who's sleeping on the floor next to the ticket counter.

Thankfully I'm alive and finally got some sleep. All I can say is word of advice: never go clubbing in a leather skirt!!

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