Thursday, May 21, 2009

Ryan and the p90x

I just purchased the P90X workout tapes and they're supposed to be extreme. I'm already on day 2 and it's...awful. Just the worst mistake I've ever made. I don't seen increase in muscle mass, but I do feel the disappointment within me.

Today, while performing PLYOMETRICS - aka bouncing around my room like a fool - I just about reached my limit 37 minutes into the video. I was performing lateral leapfrogs, military marches, 180 twists, and it was right about then I...

...I'm so ashamed....

I puked. I fucking puked my brains out. Ya know when you go for a really intense run and then when you come to a stop, you feel like puking? Well that was me today. Only i REALLY puked. Into a garbage bag nonetheless. It leaked out of the bottom and it was just disgusting. I was throwing up all the water I used to cool myself off and...I fucking hate you Tony Horton. Even this Jesse McCartney song I downloaded didn't help. But I got back on the horse and...kinda bullshitted my way through the last ten minutes. Tomorrow? BICEPS AND TRICEPS!!!! Ow ow!

If you care to join, bring your own weights and meet me in my room at 10:15 am.

- Ry Guy

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