Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Billy Goes Back To His Roots

So, last night, I went back to my old high school for an awards ceremony.  I went because one of my old teachers was retiring, and they were honoring him, so I figured it’d be nice to say goodbye, and see how much things have changed in the seven years since I graduated.

Wait, 7 years.  Excuse me while I go weep.

Ok, so ANYWAY…, I go to ceremony, and sit in my old auditorium, and I see that this thing is mostly being run by the students.  I thought this was a bold move, and my fears were confirmed once the thing started.

I guess my main question was this:  “Did I always act like this in high school?”  These kids were loud and obnoxious, they were clamoring for attention, and seemed to be acting weird just for the sake of being weird.  Social skills seemed to be lacking, and maturity was at an all time low.  I know, I know, it’s just high school kids, what was I expecting?  I guess what REALLY threw me was that it made me look at those four years of my life in a whole new light.  Here I was, running around the halls, acting like I was king of the world and the funniest thing to hit the world since, well, Helicopter Dance Off(PLUUUUUGGGG), and now, as I watched these kids run around making stupid jokes and laugh hysterically at themselves and yell back and forth, I felt nothing but disdain.  There’s no way I was like this.  I refuse to believe it.  Really, I was just being naïve.  Of course I was like that.  I was probably worse.  Whoever said High School was the best time of your life was craaaazy.  As much as it has good parts, I’m going to be uber depressed if that’s life’s peak.

Two other things:

-         The size of kids is dropping.  Or again, I am just really out of touch, because everyone looked like they were 10 years old.  They were legit TINY.  People, we as a world, are shrinking, and it’s starting with the kids.  So, drink your milk

-         Dress code.  When I went to this ceremony as a student, it was a pretty fancy get together.  Nice pants, button down shirt, all that stuff.  It’s dwindled in importance over the years, and people just had one whatever last night.  Why do people think newsies hats are cool indoors?  Why do I still call them newsies hats?  Why do girls make it such a big deal when they dress like guys?  Dress how you want, but if you act like you dress like that because you don’t care how you look, but make a point to let everyone KNOW why you’re dressing like, it’s not impressive and it’s just dumb.

I hate high school more now then I did when I went there.  Go figure.

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