Saturday, May 23, 2009

Lizzie Loves Geography!

Oh hey there!

So while surfing the web, I love to stumble upon great t-shirt sites with really interesting jokes on them. I recently discovered this one site with t-shirts of all 50 states and the weirdest town name from each of them! I will now give you a listing of all these great towns that one would be proud to call home:

-Boring, Maryland (whole state in a nutshell)
-Assawoman, Delaware
-Covert, New York
-Crackertown, Florida (all you hear down there are dueling banjos)
-Crash-Up Mountain, Arizona
-Erect, North Carolina
-Fort Gay, West Virginia (where they're all hiding)
-Furry, Mississippi
-Glasscock, Louisiana
-Hateful Hill, Vermont
-Hoop and Holler, Texas
-Hopeulikit, Georgia (sorry, I don't!)
-Massacre Lake, Nevada
-Lesbia, New Mexico
-Mianus, Connecticut (It's very cozy in Mianus)
-Nimrod, Arkansas
-Nipple, Utah
-Nowhere, Oklahoma (They're all literally from "the middle of nowhere")
-Onancock, Virginia
-Oral, South Dakota
-Pee Pee, Ohio
-Poop Creek, Oregon
-Poopoo, Hawaii
-Prison Farm, Montana (sounds like a scary movie)
-Roach, Nebraska
-Satan's Kingdom, Rhode Island (where Keith was born)
-Slicklizard Alabama
-Slickpoo, Idaho
-Spread Eagle, Wisconsin (known for more than just cheese)
-Spunk Creek, Minnesota
-Stoner, Colorado ( I wonder what they do there for fun...)
-Studley, Kansas
-Dickey, Maine
-Sugartit, Kentucky
-Unalaska, Alaska (Their Igloos were not up to standards)
-Vader, Washington
-Weed, California (duh!)
-Hell Hole Swamp, South Carolina
-Chugwater, Wyoming
-Zap, North Dakota
-Soddy Daisy, Tennessee
-Cooter, Missouri
-Hell Hollow, New Hampshire
-Blue Ball, Pennsylvania (the girls there are such teases)
-Cheesequake, New Jersey
-Corpse Pond, Michigan (hmm...there seems to be a large number of drownings in this pond...)
-Fertile, Iowa
-Floyd's Knob, Indiana
-Disco, Illinois (knows how to party!)
-Chargoggagoggmanchauggagoggchaubunagungamaugg Lake, Massachusetts
(say that three times fast!)

Well I'm sure now you're all just dying to move! I don't know about you, but I am so moving to Sugartit!


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