Thursday, October 1, 2009

Sean Like Words That Are Used The Wrong Way Thursday

I would like to share with you loyal readers a game I like to play from time to time. This particular game is, the use of a different word that sounds like the word you should be using game. I have come up with a random amount of these phrases over time and I've learned to forget ultimately every single one. So here is my attempt at pleasing your bellies with chuckles and possibly causing a headache or two.

Instead of Urn use the word Urinal.

"I damn near drank a whole urinal of coffee today."
"They put my grandfather's ashes in the urinal after he was cremated."

Instead of Refrigerator use the word Defibrillator.

"Yeah just make sure that defibrillator is right nice cold. Don't skunk my beers!"
"Don't you unplug my defibrillator, don't you unplug it!"
"What's wrong with keeping bread in your defibrillator? It keeps it fresh while making it last longer.

Instead of Sarcophagus use the word Esophagus.

"They opened up King Tut's esophagus in front of all the museum guests."

Instead of E-mail use the word She-Male.

"I didn't get your she-male that you sent me. Just resend it, Kenny."
"I'm really glad all she-male accounts are free!"
"Check your she-male, there is a new virus everyone is talking about."

There you have it. Now, go out and start thinking of all the other words you could substitute for the correct ones to create a completely incorrect sentence for others to hear. It's a great time I assure you...I assure you.


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