Monday, October 19, 2009

Keith's Top Seven of the Week "How you know you have a case of the Monday's (Mondays suck)

I am writing this to you at 6am on a Monday morning on my blackberry while stuck in traffic. Just once I would like to hear an unlike story of why someone was not ready to face the world on a Monday morning. Here are the top seven that I came up with while waiting for a tractor trailer full of pillows to mock me, I mean pass me.

7) You are still drunk from Friday night.

6) You are still in prison.

5) You were supposed to be in work 2 hours ago but instead you just woke up and started blogging.

4) You spent the entire weekend in a mascots costume at a Furry convention and the zipper is stuck.

3) You spent the night at the local police station filling out paper work after the 13 citizens' arrests you made on the local teenage riffraff at the 7-11.

2) You spent the entire weekend in a Pickachu costume at a Pokemon convention and the zipper is stuck.

1) You stayed up all night building a time machine after a fever induced dream where you found the equation that could move you through time and space, successfully time travel only to realize that you time traveled back to Hiroshima the Monday morning before they dropped the A-bomb on your head.

Note to self: hobo's don't have mondays.

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