Thursday, October 22, 2009

Let's All Go To The Movies...

Everyone loves movies, from the youthful 3 year-old to the walking dust elder of yesteryear. Movies are a part of all of our lives in some ways or another. Fun fact, the reason for so many low budget movies in the 1930s, due to fall of the stock market creating the Great Depression, was the need to keep people hopeful in the tough times with some entertainment and uplifting stories for a nickel.

You may say to your friends, "Hey Gang, let's all go to the movies!" Let's face it everyone, the dark ages are upon us again and we could use some cheering up from mall cops and animated houses floating away. Just remember when it all gets too happy go lucky that's when Paranormal Activity is there to push you down to the ground, and possibly under it too.

Now, I wanted to share a few movies that I can't wait to go see in the next upcoming months because the movie industry is having some financial trouble getting some new scripts. So recycling and going green with already written scripts of the past is the new black!

Just can't wait to see this version of Mary Poppins in Spring of 2010!


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    mary poppins is actually really terrifying.