Monday, October 12, 2009

Keith's Reactions from the Blonde who was serving bacon wrapped shrimp at the fictional wedding of Tim and Rebecca

Shannon and Troy (best man) are outside the reception hall smoking cigarettes.

Shannon: That was quiet a speech in there, please tell me you were drunk when you wrote that.
Troy: Baby, I am always drunk but sober enough for some lovin'

Troy drunkly shifts over to put his arm around Shannon and Shannon easily moves down the ledge and Time falls on his face.

Shannon: You need to calm yourself down there cowboy this isn't college anymore.
Troy: I know, I know, I just have problems with transitions.
Shannon: Well if you ever need help you could always call me. But you need to be sober.
Troy: Let me get my blackberry out.
Shannon: Yeah... about that, I am an iPHONE kind girl. So....

Troy gets to his feet. He swaying back and forth.

Troy: Deal is off you freak.
Shannon: WOW, relax it was a joke!

Troy swings his fist to punch Shannon in the face, again Shannon moves quickly out of the way, kicks Troy in the testicles and picks up his phone. Troy passes out and Shannon quickly dials something into the key pad. Troy wakes up from the buzzing of his phone in his pocket. He quickly realizes he is in the back of a police car.

Troy: What the hell happened
Officer: You ruined everyones night, drunky. Can you please answer that phone it's been buzzing since I picked you up.

Troy takes his blackberry out of his pocket and reads the first text message.

Sent from: Shannon

You throw a punch like my grandmother. Hope your Blackberry gets reception in jail.


Sent from my iPHONE

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