Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Billy Thinks There's No Comparison

For those living under a rock, currently the World Series pits the New York Yankees against the Philadelphia Phillies. I know, I'm sure I've already lost many readers based primarily on the fact that I've mentioned baseball in this post, but I hope you stick around, or at least tell your sensible baseball loving friends about this blog so they can check it out. New York and Philadelphia are not that far away from each other, and in sports and in life, it seems that they are always rivals. In football, in baseball, in pure level of obnoxiousness by the people who live there, in food, and in entertainment. Both cities have their qualities and their downsides, but if you're actually going to try and tell me that Philly is better than NYC you're crazy. I have some reasons that I'd like to share with, I hope you agree.

New York has great eateries. You can get great slices of pizza at that classic NYC pizza hot spot, Sbarro's. Try the stromboli's.

Philly is famous for their cheesesteaks, but the irony is that the best cheesesteak is actually in Red Bank at a place called Willy's. Go ahead, Philly lovers, climb off your high horses and fight me on that one. You're wrong. Jim's is great, I'm not knocking it. But it doesn't top Willy's. That's a fact.

In NYC, you can drive down any rode and feel like you're on a roller coaster. I don't know about you guys but I LOVE roller coasters. And the chance to use one on a daily basis is pretty exciting.

Last call in Philly is 2:30, but alcoholics can go to NYC and drink till 4. NYC cares about the people who matter.

In NYC and the surrounding area they filmed Ghostbusters. In Philly and the surrounding area they filmed The Happening.

I'm not going to top a Ghostbusters reference, so I'm just gonna call it a night.

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