Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Billy Loves(But Is Confused By) Drinking Games

I think there are many different kinds of drinkers in the world. You have casual drinkers, serious drinkers, social drinkers, sleep drinkers, drink drinkers, awake drinkers. People will find a reason or an occasion to drink just about any moment of the day. I can appreciate that, sometimes a good drink is just what the doctor ordered after a long time. Especially my doctor, Dr. Jack Daniels.

*hold for applause*

I go through phases, but I'd say usually I'm a social drinker. I never drink alone, mostly because of that whole, "I have a soul and respect for myself" thing, and I usually aim to stay at a place where the next day I remember everything that happened to me while I was drinking, because of that whole "I like brain cells and memories" thing. When it gets to be a night where people want to play drinking games, there are nights when I'm in the mood, and nights where I just can't be bothered.

Drinking games to me, in their simplest forms, are a stall. Maybe that's what's best. You need to wait till you get the ball in the cup, flip your cup, get the right card, lose a race, hear the right word on TV, or get the fourth king in the deck. These are fun events to get people together and social. I can respect them. The people that HATE drinking games, are the ones I don't understand and I think should seek some help. If you're worried that you waiting 20 seconds to take sips or chugs of your beer is going to damage your buzz and ruin your night you need some serious help, and maybe you need to step up your skills. Either way, switch to soda while you find the assistance you need, and I'll hold your beer, I just sunk the last cup. Thanks.

HDO supports alcoholics everywhere.

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