Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Lizzie's Gonna Dress You Up!

Hey kiddos!

So now is about that time when one should be thinking about their Halloween costume (although I've been planning mine for two years). But sometimes it can be very difficult to find inspiration. I mean, no one wants to walk into a party as the fourth guy in an Obama mask (Ryan already called dibs on that costume!). So what else is there to do? Well never fear my little squirt nuggets! Lizzie has come to your aid with some simple (but clever) costume ideas!

1) Peeping Tom: Just wear your regular clothes, but get a "Hi my name is..." sticker and write "Tom". Then make a little window, complete with curtains, and creepily look at everyone through it. This is a sure fire way to get a date by the end of the night.

2) Killing Time: Carry around some clocks and a fake knife. Then every so often...stab the clocks...unmercifully.

3) Joey Gladstone: Wear an obnoxious Hawaiian shirt and just keep telling everyone to "cut it out" complete with hand gestures. For a more extreme look, try and find a beaver puppet.

4) Sex: Now this is a group costume. This also requires using your imagination and creativity when it comes to how you want the costumes to look. Basically, one person dresses like a giant condom, one dresses like a giant egg, and then the rest of your buddies paint themselves all white as sperm! One sperm can even wear a first place medal!

5) Werewolf: Just wear your regular clothes and tell people you're a werewolf. If they ask why you have no fur, explain to them that it's not a full moon....duh.

6) Blessing in Disguise: Wear a trench coat, a hat, and sunglasses. Then make a beauty queen sash with the words "Bless you" on it. I wear that outfit every time I go to a bar or to bingo night!

7) Booze Hound: Dress like a dog and carry a bottle of alcohol. If you wanna get really into it, sniff everyone's butts.

8) Helicopter Dance Off: Tape a pinwheel to the top of your head, carry around an old school boom box (yeah that's right...a boom box) and a cardboard square, then drop the square in front of unsuspecting competitors and shout "IT'S ON!"

Well I hoped those ideas help you as we embark on another fun-filled Halloween! And remember my little doves...don't eat candy if there is a razor blade in it....or if it was handed to you by Keith.

Always hold hands when you cross the street!
-Love Lizzie

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