Sunday, October 25, 2009

Ryan and the Stars of Destiny

For any of you to understand this, I must ask if you are familiar with the video game Suikoden that was put out YEARS ago for playstation 1. if you do, please continue - if you don't....go make me a sandwich.

anywho, in this game - the main premise is to "find" the 108 stars of destiny - the 108 characters that you need to find to have a complete game. after taking a look at this game for a bit - I noticed that the "stars" all look a little different than the others in the game. they always have some attribute that makes them stick out, whether it be their outfits or the size of their head.

if Suikoden were a real game, I now understand that all of my "stars of destiny" could be located all in one place...Walmart.

I found 5 yesterday. The young boy in the "incredibles" costume with the "incredible" spirit, the woman in the witch skirt with too much makeup who would sing to us in order to boost morale, confused grandma with her magic healing potions, the man with the face that gave the impression he was smelling an endless fart who would humor us all, and the security guard who was too busy gathering carts to direct traffic.

So now, as I drive home from Philadlephia, searching for my stars across state borderlines, I encourage you to run out and find at least ONE star of destiny today. It will change your life forever. I promise.

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