Monday, June 15, 2009

Ryan and the Talking Baby

I am...just a horrible person.

I have a two year old niece named Amber and she is just a gem. I walked into the house yesterday and she looked at me and called me "Uncle Kory" and then ruined a drawing I made for her. But that's besides the point. She really is precious and loves loves LOVES to enjoy snacks, just like Uncle Ryan. But I feel that nothing should come for free. I realized that she will say ANYTHING for a treat, like a dog. If, ya know, dogs could talk english.

So, here are a few adorable and age appropriate phrases I convinced her to say in hopes of getting a little bit of strawberry ice cream...

"Daddy, I want a boyfriend"

"I want to drink beer"

"There goes the neighborhood"

"Where do babies come from?"

"Jesus wore high heels"

and my favorite...

"Who killed Jean Bennet?"

So please, if anyone needs a babysitter this summer, let me know. I'm trying to make some extra cash :)

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