Sunday, June 21, 2009

Lizzie's Hardcore Moment of the Week: Ohio Mayor Schools Overweight Kid

So a couple of days ago, word got out that an Ohio mayor broke up a fight that some punk kids were having at a local park. Now yeah this is cool that the mayor took matters into his own hands...but that is NOT what makes this act "hardcore".

What makes this political intervene so unique is that not only did the mayor break up the fight and scold the rough-housing youngsters, but he proceeded to call one kid both the names "tubby" and "fatso". This is the stuff that we need in office people!!

I mean seriously, I don't want some punk ass bitch as my mayor. I want someone who takes the initiative and knows when to bust a cap in an ass, turn up the heat, take some names, disturb civilians, steal a bicycle, take out the trash, or even just bruise a fat kid's spirits. That is what this country needs! So next time you're in Ohio and plan on starting some fisticuffs, just pray you're looking thin and trim or you may just get MAYOR-IZED!!!

(check out the midget running around in the clip!)

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