Friday, June 12, 2009

Jay's Definative Friday

Hello Internet,

Today you ALL get the opportunity to learn a new word/phrase from the Jayionary. This weeks phrase is "Pulling Rank."

Pulling Rank (v.) - The act of using ones heightened level of coolness to exploit a lower level of cool.


If a Great White Shark swam up to a Nurse Shark who was eating a fish, the Great White Shark could pull rank and take the Nurse Shark's fish because the Nurse Shark is less cool.

Practical Application:

If you are ever in a situation where you feel the urge to pull some rank, you must say "Pulling Rank!" before the action. Failure to do so results an instant low level of cool for yourself. The Great White said it right before he took the fish from the Nurse Shark.

Practical Examples:

ABC said "Pulling Rank" then took a dump on NBC.
Conan O'Brien said "Pulling Rank" then took over The Tonight Show.
Jay Leno said "Pulling Rank" and got a primetime show...negating Conan's rank pull (Ouch).
Rosa Parks said "Pulling Rank" and sat where she pleased.
I said "Pulling Rank" and ended this post.

Jay out.

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