Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Dr. Miche's Midweek Musings...

Dear HDO Army,

Sorry for my absence, first of all... Bit of a family medical snafu took place two weeks ago, and not to be outdone, I got mysteriously ill myself last week. 3 prescriptions later, I'm now on the mend, and let me first say how much I've missed you all...

awww... group hug!

Anyhoo, after reading some of the posts that have been written in my absence, I think we have to address a certain subject that creeps into our personal dreamworlds from time to time.... Yes, I'm talking about the cameos that result in what I like to call "dream nookie".

by the way, i never really use the term 'nookie' in real life.

Because we're nerds, I often find myself discussing some interesting subjects with the people at work, and once when the subject of dream sex came up, I had a lot of bewildered faces looking at me and a lot of protests stating that this has never ever happened to them.

i know i know.... goddamned liars.

One of them then experienced what he called his first "dream sex" experience a few weeks later which I got to hear about in detail, and the other one proclaimed that I am a "dream slut"for not only having romantic trysts in sleepyville, but admitting so.

harsh, right?

In the past 2 weeks, due to stress, insomnia, and the aforementioned illness, I had some truly whacked-out dreams and many of the scary and unpleasant nature. However, I 2 really interesting cameos show up. One was Bradley Cooper of "The Hangover" fame, and the other was.........
Christian Bale.

Christian f-in Bale! If you know me, you know that I have an unnatural love for the moody British actor, and have for quite some time. However, this was the first time he's shown up during a REM cycle...

Kids, they both showed up in happy dreamland on separate occaisions!

But not in the cool way :(

Bradley Cooper (and by the way I hadn't seen "The Hangover" yet) showed up as a border patrol officer in a dream I had about myself and my roommate having to flee to Canada for unknown crimes we'd committed. By the way, my vision of the Canadian border is a wire fence on a beach that you have to climb. On a beach. Which is funny, because I've seen the Canadian border before, and it doesn't look anything like that.

Ask me about the time I almost got arrested by mounties while trying to cross into Quebec at midnight one wintery evening...

Oh, and my dearest love, Christian Bale? I had a dream I had to run a race for charity through what I can only assume was California - and right at the end of it, there he was to greet me...

Directing traffic.


I happen to have a dream dictionary that goes into detail as to why certain people show up in your dreams at different times in your life for extracurricular activities.

But nowhere does it mention why you can let co-workers defile you in your sleep, and yet your ultimate ideal fantasy is demoted to an extra.


While I realize this entire entry should be filed under "too much information" on my part, I've decided that you all are pals of mine. I'm okay with getting personal.

With hobos.

Wishing you all sweet and sultry slumber,

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