Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Billy's Comped Drinks

What up, loyal blog followers. We're back for another rant. I've been noticing that most of my blogs are complaining about something, so I figured I should keep with that style until I don't have anything to be a wiseass about anymore. HA!

Ok, so this weekend, I went into the city to reunite with some friends from my time on a movie set(Split Ends) last summer. We were in the village and checked out a bar called Off The Wagon, which I had been to once before on my birthday during a bar crawl. I vaguely remember it, I think it was before I fell asleep on the floor of Penn Station. What I didn't know was that Off The Wagon had an upstairs, where there were beer pong tables. We were up there, and it was packed with skanky girls and douchey guys, and it was very entertaining to watch.

At the bar, my friend Brigid knew the bartender, who was very generous and always gave out free drinks. Now, I'm used to seeing girls getting free drinks from guys, and cashing in on guys trying to be smooth and bartenders trying to make some money. Obviously, the drunker you get, the better the chance are you're gonna be shelling out cash for a girl's drink at some point. So, we're at the bar, and she gets a drink, for free, and I order a Blue Moon. As the guy pours it, I take out my wallet and take some cash out, but as the guy slides the Blue Moon my way, and I ask how much, he smiles, holds his hand up, and says, "Don't worry about it..."

I sat in awkward silence, with my money out in the air, waiting to be clutched by the bartender, but now I didn't need it, because this total stranger gave me my beer for free.

How do girls do this?

I mean, I get it to a point. It's free drinks. Why would a girl turn down a free drink? They must KNOW the motives with a lot of these guys, and it's not like EVERY girl is looking forward to using a guy for drinks(although, ya know, it totally happens, and the girls love it) and unless they're great at hiding it, they take the drinks with no guilt and no problem. I can't do this. This stranger gave me this beer, and I have never felt more awkward drinking a beer in my life. I know it's not like I stole it. I know it's not like I didn't tip him. I know it's not like he's into me(he was into her, and I was in the right place at the right time with the right bartender in the right mood), but still, I know I can afford my own drinks, so I'm happy to pay for it.

What's funny is, when I'm with a group of guys, and someone offers to pay for a round, I never feel weird about this, but that's because it's a group of my friends, and I know we're all generous and that we all have good intentions and just want to keep the good times going. But when the guy doesn't know me, whether or not he just wants some company or whatever, it weirds me out, and even though I didn't ASK him for a free drink, I still feel strange drinking the beer.

But not that weird, because I took two more beers after that.


  1. I said I was weirded out because I knew I could pay, not because I was freaked out because he was a dude. Jeez, way to LISTEN.