Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Billy's Tale Of Yo-Yo Related Tomfoolery

Good evening to everyone out there smart enough check out this REVOLUTIONARY COMEDIC BLOG. You're making the right choice. Ok, now that that's out of the way, I've got an amusing little anecdote for you.

I work for a company where I'm a temp. I call people who come to our company's booth at events who seem interested in buying what we sell. Naturally, we have to entice people to our booth, and what do we choose? I can't believe I'm actually saying this...

....we give out Yo-Yo's. Seriously. We give out Yo-Yo's with our company logo on them. And people go NUTS for them. Like they've never seen a yo-yo in their lives. Like it's the missing piece to eternal life. That being said, we don't make it easy, you have to fill out a form to GET the yo-yo, so we have your info and can harrass you later. Some people, really do want info, so they take the form seriously. OTHER people, could care less, and just want to be brought back to their care free days when Yo-Yo's were a big part of what they were as a person. Today, I discovered such a person on my list. His blatant LACK of effort at making the form believable, made my entire work day worthwhile. Lucky for him, these forms are processed without review, so I was likely the first one to discover this.

Under Company Name, all he did was write: Yo-Yo Getting Place. We haven't been called that in AGES.

Under Phone Number, he wrote: 012-345-6789 I have this weird feeling that this isn't real.

His email address is under a website called Yahioo. Not a typo.

Finally we get to the grand finale, the comments section. You can write anything you see fit that you can consider crucial to helping us understand your needs. I'm not going to put everything, because a lot of it is absolute gibberish, but here are some highlights:(real comments in BOLD and my less funny comments in ITALICS)

blow the circuitbreakers in caf so that no 1 could open the walk-in.frrezerr ,meat locker,dairy locker,or produce loqcker for four days without loss of 10,000 worth of caf food supplies.

Ok, so, he works for a school I guess. And he doesn't have access to their dictionaries. And we could ASSUME it's $10,000. But we don't know for sure. Either way, do schools carry THAT much food? That's a lot of chicken fingers.

production doesnt pass the QI and cause Bush Admin not to set a date on the Return ofthe Troops , to maintin GOOD TRADE!!!!

So, now, the food didn't survive, mostly because of the war? or did the war start BECAUSE of the food? And did THE PRESIDENT KNOW?!?! These are the questions, I'm pretty sure we don't know the answers to. Finally, under a list of products needed:

6789, Stop ,thief? stop in the name of the lsw!

This guy really wanted a yo-yo. I hope it brought him the happiness he needed.

So, yeah, that's my job. It's rarely that interesting, but maybe you'll get lucky and I'll have more run-ins. For the sake of chicken finger lovers everywhere, I hope that's the case.

We'll see you next week.

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