Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Dr. Miche's Midweek Musings...

Salutations! Hope everyone has had a lovely weekend and is having an equally lovely week so far...

As many of you know, or will sometime soon, most jobs are kind of dull for the better part of the day. I am indeed one of those lucky people. Therefore, we sometimes have to find ways to make the hours a bit more fun, and today we played one of my favorites from college - "what movie stars would you cast in a movie about you and your friends?".

I hope I'm not inadvertently stealing any of Ryan's movie-themed thunder (although I'm sure he has plenty to go around), but I got to thinking about what would happen if someone were brilliant enough to give me a pile of money to make a movie based on the lives and shennanigans of HDO. Although I have no idea what the plot would be like (besides hilarious, obviously), and wonder if there would even be a plot to speak of, I got to thinking of how I'd cast this particular cinematic wonder. I decided to base my dream-list cast on a variety of characteristics, so most of my suggestions bear no physical resemblance to HDO (which is to say, please don't be offended if the actor in question isn't Matthew McConaughey or Angelina Jolie, boys). So here it is:

*HDO: The Movie*
Ryan: Playing Ryan in my movie will be Jim Carrey. I know, I know... There's a large percentage of people who find Jim Carrey absolutely irritating, but I'm not one of those people.
In my opinion, the only actors who would do him justice are the ones who share his talent for countless facial expressions and maniacal physical comedy. So, even though I know this choice may be the most controversial of the bunch, know that I made it with nothing but love and respect, Ryan. And the fact that I was one of about 20 people who saw Number 23.
Lizzie: The thing about Miss Lizzie is that no matter what she does, it's just plain adorable. So for her, I pick Kate Hudson. Let's face it, they could both smile their way out of anything (except a few McConaughey movies, but that's a lot to ask). Lizzie gets bonus points for being able to play more than one character, but both do it to sweet perfection. Don't you just hate bitches like that? (hugs to you, Lizzie)
Billy: I'm torn on this one. Billy has a kind of likable charm that makes me think of someone like Steve Carrell. At at the same time, there's something about the way he plays his characters that is so distinctly "him" - a quality that makes him really great to watch. So I though of Jack Black, and how a friend and I once agreed that if he ever played the president in a movie, it would undoubtedly play the president who played guitar and did that 'bird-dance" thing we know him for. You know, President Black. I know neither of these two are physical dopplegangers for you, Billy but I can't choose based on that. So my answer would depend on the type of film, or whether or not I could have a genetic hybrid made of the two of them.
Sean: I love my character actors in the same way I love sidearm pitchers - you can't stop watching their unique style, and you get sweet fastballs for about an inning. That being said, I have to throw a nod to the fact that I could watch Sean play just about anything and be totally convinced. My choice is between two of my favorites - Phillip Seymour Hoffman and David Morse. Personally, David Morse is one of my personal choices, but I now know of your love for PSH - and I didn't realize how deep it ran until your last post. Either one would make me happy.
Keith: Funny thing on this one - I tried to think of someone who I liked from horror films to highlight the fact that you can turn anything dark in an instant. I had a few people in mind, and really couldn't make a decision. But then it came to me. The answer was staring me in the face. Hugh Jackman. While I don't know if you have similar talents in the areas of song and dance, I DO know that the idea of Wolverine playing you would make you wet your pants with excitement.
Jay: My knee-jerk reaction was initially someone from the comedy world, possibly a Will Arnett. However, like Keith, I realized that the answer was again obvious. Christian Bale. For a few reasons. Jay adds a kind of intensity to his improv, and it calls for an equally intense actor (although hasn't verbally or allegedly physically abused any of us... yet). Keith would wet his pants all over again for the addition of another superhero to the cast. But mostly, this is just a selfish choice. Any movie I'd make would have Christian Bale in the cast. So you're my excuse, Jay... thank you a million times over.
So that's it... If you're reading this but don't yet know our names, shame on you. But become our friends on facebook and find our attractively tagged show photos, and then you can redeem yourself. Redeem yourself first, then you can yell at me for my poor casting talents. It's ok, I'll still love ya!

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  1. Keith is probably just confused as to why you wouldn't just cast the X-Men or a herd of raptors to play us.