Thursday, April 30, 2009

Dr. Miche's Midweek Musings....

hello, HDO faithful...

So it's been a long week... Actually, it's kind of hard to count weeks - I've worked the 14 of the last 17 days, and my mind is fried... and I have another 5 days in a row to go.... *sigh*. Couple that with the recent 'imminent pandemic,' and let's just say it's been an interesting time to work in hospital. So I think this is going to come out as a stream of consciousness, but here we go!

So I have a confession to make. I think I'm psychic.

yup, i really said that.

No, really - I was born a Pisces, and have been told by 3 different, perfect strangers that I have a 'gift' (which is odd to me... I mean, can you see that sort of thing??). I'm not saying that I can 'predict' things, per se', but that I have a lot of really odd coincidences in my life... let me explain.

Rewind back to a little over a week ago. I'm at work, and just having leisurely conversation with a co-worker that I will refer to as "gary" from here on out, mostly because that's his name. Gary is going on vacation soon, so we started listing off places we'd each like to go someday. I speak of how much I'd like to go to Europe; he says he wants to go to Yellowstone National Park. Soon.

Before it explodes.

Hmm.... before it explodes? Why would he say that. I was then treated to an explanation of how Yellowstone sits on top of a major pool of lava. Hmm... I've heard something like that before, something about why Old Faithful is indeed so faithful. He says it's something called a 'supervolcano'. I'm now intrigued. We go online. He is correct - there are a few major 'supervolcanoes' on the planet that over hundreds of thousands of years are dormant and then suddenly explode with the violent power of 1000 atomic bombs. I find this interesting. Mostly because I am a huge nerd.

By the way, it wasn't really busy on this particular night... all of the patients were fine, I assure you.

Anyway, while searching for info on supervolcanoes, gary happens upon a website called He shrugs it off, he wants honest-to-goodness scientific facts. I am not so quick to dismiss this treasure-trove of paranoia. I browse the contents, loving every second of it, when i find a section labeled 'epidemics and plagues'. I read along, and see an indistinctive mention of a little something going on in Mexico.

Swine flu.

I say out loud, "hey, remember bird flu? When everyone panicked? now there's swine flu... you've got to be kidding me... like that would be a big deal..."


Fast forward to about 2 days later. Plastered all over the internet. A few days after that, WHO Level 5 threat. Dammit.

Did i predict this? no. Is it a weird coincidence.... hell yes. I use the phrase, "i was just talking about that... " a lot.

Don't ask me about the dreams I had in July/August 2001 and the conversation with my parents I had about how my generation has no 'where were you' event that they talk about like the Kennedy assassination.

I'm pretty sure I've said too much. But that's how we do it in HDO. Remember, kids... wash those hands thoroughly many times a day. And keep hydrated. Just in case.

Love you all,

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