Saturday, April 25, 2009

Jay's Flappin' Friday

I'm flappin' to you live from the Internet; like them hipsters woulda done if they had it. I'm mildly intoxicated...less so than last Friday; but keep in mind its 5 a.m. Where to begin...I woke up 'round noon and got on a train to Long Branch from that big ol' apple. Once I got down here, I was pleasantly greeted by a taxi ride that is impossible to make up... I got some quotes that I won't soon forget from another passenger in the cab. Here they are:

On how to make love - "I got some roses, Viagra, and a bottle of scotch."
On the effects of Viagra- "I pop two of those things and 13 pigeons could land on my shit."
On pleasure- "I don't need Viagra, I just take it cause it makes it feel like I'm going to cum the whole time."
On Substance Abuse - "I don't get why people want to do another line of coke. You ain't gonna get any higher."

I wish I could have learned more from this modern Confucius, but alias, I had reached my destination. After that, I did and observed improv all day. Sweet. Then I got my drink on and that is why I'm flappin' at you right now. Jay Out!

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