Saturday, April 18, 2009

Jay's Overly Fun Friday

Hi ya'll,

      I'm writing this blog mildy intoxicated. and refuse to hit the backspace key. so with that being said, get down to busness.
      I had work today and I'm not at liberty to discuss it. However, I will say I managed to reorganize like a mofo. After work, I went out to meet up with a hs friedn. We drank for a while, then we drank somemore. After that, we dranks somemore and proceeded to fantisise about beautiful womens an the bar. Then mi amido left and luckaly i got a phone call from a beautiful lady friend. 
      We met up and had a drink and some good convo. It was a lovely night. Lovely lovely. Well compadres, I will catch you on the later. Stay street legal and make sure that when you are in the area to announce yourself or a bear my attack you out of fear of difference.
      Peace, Love, Happiness,
                       The Jay

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