Saturday, April 11, 2009

Lizzie's Crafty Caboodle

Hello my babies!

As we all know, Easter is right around the corner. So what better way to welcome back our buddy Christ this year then by showing him just how sharp (and crafty) we can dress ourselves! That is why I'm gonna teach all my homegirls (and homeboyz if they're into it) how to make a kickin skort out of a t-shirt!

Step 1: Find yourself an oversized t-shirt with a sweet ass print on the front (preferrably something with a bunny, or easter egg, or religious tv personality on it). I chose my bro's old t-shirt with Bugs Bunny being mad cool wearing some baggy jeans and a backwards cap. damn that bunny's cool.

Step 2: Turn the t-shirt inside out and stick your legs through the sleeves. Then hike those puppies up as high as you can, but of course keep it comfy.

Step 3: While holding the rest of the t-shirt up with your teeth, place a belt, scarf, string, ribbon, or what you will around your hips and fasten securely.

Step 4: Let go of the rest of the t-shirt so that it falls into a skirt-like fashion with the design in the front (or back if you prefer).

And there you go my darlings. Now on Easter Sunday, you can go show your church just how fly honey you really are. I'm so sure that if Jesus rocked those robes in his day, he would def rock this style in the 09!

Now scram you crazy crafters!

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