Saturday, January 23, 2010

Ryan, A Charity Case

As I sat in the empty food court, huddled behind my man purse, with a salami sandwich in my hands, a gentleman in a red and black polo walked over to me holding a tray.

"Hey man, what the HECK are you doing?"

" lunch?"

I noticed that he had several "chik-fil-a" nuggets on his tray with thin tooth picks sticking out of them. He was the free sample guy. He looked at my pathetic sandwich and gave a semi-smirk.

"Hey man, you could be enjoying a delicious meal from "chik-fil-a" rather than eating that little old sandwich! Plus, the fries are amazing and you can get free refills on drinks!"

"Oh, I know, but I'm just trying to save money"

There was a moment of silence and it made me a little uncomfortable. "Move the sandwich off your bag". I picked up the sandwich and watched as he placed two nuggets on my ziploc bag. Then he placed two more. And then two more.

He shot me a smile, leaned in closer and almost whispered. "hey man, sorry bout that, I'm gonna come back around in a few minutes. If you're still hungry, I'll give you a few more."

"Oh wait, no, no, no I HAVE money - i just-!" But he was already gone, refilling his tray I'm sure.

So this man walked away thinking that i was just some random thin dude who ate his single sandwich in the food court of the monmouth mall everyday who drooled at the idea of a free chicken nugget sampler. Well I grabbed my purse and got the hell out of there and I don't plan on returning for at least 2 weeks!

Okay...maybe 3 days. Those free refills are worth all the shame in the world.

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