Thursday, January 28, 2010


News travels fast in our world. So remember that the next time you get your brother in trouble, he may decide to seek revenge for your petty tattle to Mom and Dad. As a word to the wise for being the tattler, make sure you don't have anything in written form that can be held against you. If so, you're just asking for someone to humiliate you where you may have to crawl in a hole and die, or in the words of Louis C.K., "I need a gun, an airplane ticket and bleach".

There are many naughty things that this girl Katie wanted to do, and to have done to her in her personalized Hook Up List. The world may not have known about it if she didn't rat out her brother Chris for having a twelve pack of beer in his room.

My favorite on this list is number seven. Brian- If he cuts his hair I might give him a blowjob.

Chris, I hope no one ever messes you for the damage you can cause. My hat is off to you my friend.

Katie, you're a bitch.

Twelve pack of beer, I hope you found a good home.


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