Monday, January 18, 2010

The Notebook aka Stories from Keith's awkward years (high school)

As I continued to leaf through my middle school journal a bunch of papers feel out on the floor. It was a couple of notes that I wrote to a girl that I had a crush on my freshman year of high school.

Dear Brittany,
Last Monday when you fell in the quad and I helped you up, you gave me a hug. Now, call me crazy but I felt a connection there maybe even a romantic spark. Would you like to go out sometime? By the way you said "Thank you Kenny" after the hug, my name is Keith.

Hey Brittany,
I think you may have gotten my note confused with another note because when you walked right past me at the Fall Ball dance the other night. I was just shocked when I saw you dancing with that senior Kevin Rightmen on the dance floor. Maybe we can reschedule for another time. By the way, after the dance was over and I returned your purse that you forgot on the bleachers you said "Thank you Kenny", my name is Keith.

Hope your weekend is going well, I just wanted to touch base with you and let you know that last night when you were in the Hot tub with that senior Kevin and you thought you saw someone watching you from the bushes. That was me returning your bike... my name is Kenny in case you forgot.
I love you,

Good thing she will never read those notes...

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