Monday, January 25, 2010

Keith's Top Seven Of The Week "Words to Pair with Mullet" (Not safe for work)

This week, I have returned to the list format while I sort through my 500 page middle school journal. Often I enjoy using the word mullet in conjunction with another word to make a point or confuse an adversary. For instance, "Ryan, you look mullet good in those jeans." or "Billy, your mother is a mullet lover". I promise you that everyone in earshot will stop what they are doing and pay attention, mainly because they are trying to decide if they should call a doctor because they are hearing things. Just remember, while you have there attention you might try to say something worthwhile! Here is a list of seven exceptional mullet paired words that I have come across that you may use in every day life.

7) Mullet mud
6) Driver's side mullet
5) Platter mullet
4) Hobbit Mullet
3) McMullet
2) Cunt mullet
1) Guaca-mullet

Start peppering your conversations with them and tell me how things work out.

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