Thursday, November 12, 2009

Sean's Formal Plea to Webster's Dictionary

Dear Webster's Dictionary,

I have been a big fan of your dictionary since I first started to use you in my early years of school. I think you are great to have on any bookshelf anywhere and everywhere. You are intelligent, fun, smart and just waiting to share all you got with a special someone. That is the reason why I'm writing to you. So that I can help share a word that I want you to share in your dictionary. I have included a meaning with this word that everyone should know how to use, execute correctly, and have it as a part of their everyday vocabulary. That word is...

Punchfuck (adj./noun/!!!)
1. The act of fucking someone (male and/or female) with your fist in a forceful punch-like fashion.
2. The after effects of drinking spiked punch at a social gathering that normally leads to hysterical weeping.

"I just had the best punchfuck of my life!"
"How's about we go to the dance, knock back a few, and cap off the evening with a nice punchfuck?"
"Ohhhhhh punchfuck the fuck out of me!!!"

So there we have it, Webster's Dictionary. I hope this proposal is not too harsh for your taste. This is an important word that needs to be circulated around the globe for all people. Without this word being included in your dictionary the thought of all the people executing this incorrectly could lead to horrifying consequences.

Hope to hear from you soon!

Thank you,
Sean Favre

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