Friday, November 20, 2009

Ryan and the Rave Reference

I got a call today during work, and a man from DKNY wanted to talk to me.

"Brittany Jones used you as a reference, and I just had some questions for you."

(who the hell are you talking about?)
Of course, of course.

"Okay great. When did Brittany work with you?"

(fuck if I know)
The summer...

"And her reason for leaving?"

(Oh Jesus. Rabies?)
School...Pretty sure it was school.

"And how was her customer service?"

(I can't even remember if this girl had hands, you expect me to remember if she had good customer service?)
She was always so great with people! She always met our standards and took control on the floor and had a great understanding of how big customer service means to the company.

"And would you hire her back?"

(Well since she shares the same name as Miss Spears...)
Absolutely! Without a doubt.

"Thank you so much for your time, Ryan"

(I could really go for some buffalo chicken pizza)
No problem.


::Ring Ring::

Hey Sara, it's Ryan. Do you remember working with a girl named Brittany Jones?

Sounds familiar. I think she was Daedra's friend.

Oh my god -
(That bitch!)
I just gave that girl the best reference ever!
(mother fucker! That girl never showed up! Plus she sucked)

Moral of this Story: Ryan giveth and Ryan taketh away. Ryan just may not remember who you are and will lie in a state of panic and confusion.

Happy 21st Carson. You're my special boy.

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