Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Lizzie's Snuggie Nightmare

(girl sitting on couch wearing a Snuggie and reading a book. roommate walks in.)

GIRL: Hey Nancy how was the mall?

ROOMMATE: Oh it was...Oh my God! Jenna, what's happened to you!? You're completely backwards!!

GIRL: What? What are you talking about?

ROOMMATE: How did this happen? Did you wake up like this or did someone do this to you? Are you in pain!?

GIRL: Listen I really don't underst-Ohhh, I get it. No, it's just my Snuggie. It's like a backwards robe. See look, it even has sleeves so I can read my book.

ROOMMATE: How did this enchanted robe turn you into this horrible freak show? As God as my witness, I will find the demon that has bewitched your poor forsaken body!!!

GIRL: No really Nancy, it's okay. I feel fine.

ROOMMATE: This is worse than I thought. Your twisted head has caused you lack of oxygen. You can't even think straight! I'm calling the police!

GIRL: Oh jeez, that's really unnecessary!

ROOMMATE: Okay, the cops will be here shortly. Just try to hang on for me Jenna! I love you!!

(policeman enters the room)

POLICEMAN: There was a report of an enchanted robe?

ROOMMATE: She's over here officer!

(policeman takes out gun and riddles girl with bullets)

ROOMMATE: Why God Whyyyyy!!!?

POLICEMAN: I'm sorry miss. But there's been an epidemic of these evil Snuggies across the country. We have to contain and obliterate them before they take over the world.

ROOMMATE: Oh...well I guess that makes sense.


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