Friday, September 4, 2009

Sean's Thurs-Day In The Life

This is the day of what an egocentric Artist, Pierre Clayton, would consist of. All being told by Muah (Russian or Hebrew for Me). I take you to a studio apartment in the bowels of Brooklyn, NY.

11:56am My alarm goes off with the Beatles, "Revolution 9" playing. I lay on my air mattress for another half hour just listening to this beautiful montage of sounds in reverse. I think about life and what it means to be alive in this physical world.

12:24pm I brush my teeth with cigarette butts from the night before.

12:27pm Time to eat a healthy meal of Ramen, Tuna and boxed Wine.

1:11pm I walk the streets soaking in all the beauty before me. Looking for inspiration on my next collection of paintings; the title Extreme Light Outside Of The Box has a charm to it.

3:12pm I think of all the parallels that I have with the character, Alexander, from Jack Kerouac's first novel The Town and the City.

3:59pm Now, it's back to my studio where the work begins. I sit and stare at the wall to the left of the window for 2 hours.

5:59pm I have a spark for my painting...oops it's gone. :shrugs:

6:01pm I stare at the wall to the right of the window for 48 minutes.

6:49pm I have a spark for what I want to eat. A sandwich with 3 slices of swiss cheese on whole wheat bread. Less is more is how I see it. Then, I finish off the rest of the boxed Wine from this "morning".

7:22pm I take a cat nap from my hard day.

11:43pm Just woke up from my quick cat nap. I'm still half awake while I scribble my dream of seven gods recruiting me into their social club. Zeus, Vishnu and Jesus are such fun gods. They were the three that I liked because they had personality. Did you know Jesus was also an avid surrealist painter in his day? At least that's what he said to me in my dream. When I was signing the membership papers is when I woke up. God, how I hate waking up!

12:15am I pick up my paint brush out of anger and start expressing myself through the movement of creativity. I smear, splatter and urinate all over the canvas and floor. The true love of emotion pouring out of my soul onto the physical form of canvas for others to behold. I will be the god of paint! You wait and see, I will always be better than everyone for I am true beauty. No will forget the name Pierre Clayton!

3:19am I drink a whole jar of pickle juice and throw the pickles in the sink. Then I drink 2 bottles of Robitussin and shit my pants.

3:37am I set my alarm and fall asleep on my air mattress covered in paint, pickle juice and my own shit.

Lesson to be learned from this. Do something with your life!


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